This book tells you a story – Realitalia latest hard cover brochure, customised Ski-Chalets Limone

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Last week during our Monaco Limone Friendship Party we presented our latest hard cover brochure.

It is in fact a little book. A book that tells you a story.

A story of several people who try hard to deliver the best possible result in their own field, on time.

It is a team work, often truly challenging but in the end really fulfilling.

Our Ski-Chalets are conceptualised, built, fitted, furnished and decorated with the future owner’s priorities in mind.

By controlling all the developing process, we can obtain an un-compromised level of quality. A result that is really difficult (probably impossibile) to achieve if you lose this day to day coordination between these essential design and construction phases.

It is rare, very rare, you will find this kind of focus, attention to details, (coordination and execution) from start to finish. And when we say finish we mean it, with the beds done.

If you are thinking to purchase and/or build your own Ski-Chalet in the area, please get in contact, I think it will be valuable for you to know about our work in Limone.

We very much like to hear from you.

All the best,
Luca Catalano

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