The Ski-in and Ski-out Chalets in Limone – now all sold – towards completion for the 2016 Ski-Season

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Building works at the Ski-in and Ski-out Chalets in Limone proceed rapidly.

Chalets 3, the last one, on which we exchanged contracts at the end of 2015, is close to completion.


Fantino Costruzioni is doing a terrific job on the construction and we are now aiming to have the House ready during the month of November, to install our Interior Design Solution, at less than 12 months from exchange of contracts!

These Chalets are exceptional, in the last couple of years I feel they added a lot to the Limone property scene, raising the bar of property development standards in Limone.

We are truly proud to have contributed to achieve this result.

Limone certainly deserves this attention to details, this desire to create homes that are just right from day one, without the need for the new owners to inject any significant effort to complete their Italian ski-home to a high international standard.

These homes are designed to deliver as much wellbeing as possible, from light and windows to the private SPAs, from large garages/massive storage to the number of bathrooms (normally en-suite) etc.: they are carefully thought to be mountain homes where you can truly enjoy yourself effortlessly.

If you follow us you know we are very active on the other ski-projects we contribute to develop in Limone and we look forward to show you the other great Italian homes we are working on.

Looking forward to talking to you very soon.

All the best,
Realitalia – contact us for an on-site visit.

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