Villa Almellina Estate offers the opportunity to purchase a new hotel sold off-plan within the luxury residential chalet development project which consists of 10 chalets plus Villa Almellina. 

The hotel will offer beautiful surrounding views and the convenience of being within a 5-minute walking distance to the ski slopes and the village of Limone. 

This boutique hotel opportunity comes with the direct advantage of being within the upscale luxury residential project Villa Almellina Estate which is the only new luxury chalet development in Limone that also hosts a hotel.


The current draft preliminary Concept Design is as follows:

  • Circa 832 gross sq. meters of building (including 172 sq. meters basement)
  • Outdoor spaces and terraces
  • 2 parking spaces and 8 garages 

Find the concept design of the Boutique Hotel >>


Timing of the project:

  • Completion of the hotel as shell is expected 18 months from the signature of the Preliminary Agreement (assuming the final and complete Concept Design is agreed upon at the same time).
  • Should the Preliminary Contract be signed by December 31 2022, completion of the construction of the building (as a shell) would be expected for Summer 2024 (Covid, war/supplies permitting).



It is preferable and more effective to have agreed and designed off-plan, before proceeding to the completion of the building, the finishing details, internal layout, interior design, overall interior style, possible restaurant design, SPA design, accessories and fittings, interior materials etc.

Accordingly, in order to produce a more advanced Concept Design / Interior Desgin and to approach the completion of the building, it is essential to liaise with the future Manager in order to develop a Concept Design adequate to the operating vision of the future Hotel management.


Estimated Cost Guideline:

Expected costs as shell in the region of 2.8 million euros, in addition to purchase costs and tax. Please note that cost guideline of Euro 2.8 ml plus purchase costs and tax, is for the building as shell, so it excludes any internal finishing, plumbing, wiring, floors, tiling, accessories, fitting, interior materials etc., the cost of which shall be quoted on the basis of the final concept design agreed with the future Hotel management.

View the Villa Almellina Estate site plan here to see the location of the hotel within the project.

To schedule a meeting to discuss the project, please contact Luca Catalano at or call +44 (0)207 851 4456.